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Want to learn more about the fantastic crew here at Unity?

Then here is your chance. We provided everyone with the list of questions below and asked them to answer three.  A few of them even choose to answer question ‘I’…


a) Worst company member to be stuck in space with and why

b) Company member most likely not to wear underwear

c) Company member who would make the best leader of the world and why

d) Company member most likely to be arrested and why

e) Company member most likely to cry at the end of all the performances

f) Company member to most likely be first to the bar 

g) If you could hypnotise a company member who would it be and what would you make them do? 

h) Company member most likely to turn up drunk from the night before to rehearsals

i) You can make one of your body parts detachable without any negative repercussions. What body part would it be and which company member would you hit with it?

j) Company member you’d like to keep as a pet and why

k) Your favourite 3 musicals 

l) Performance dedicated to or role model

m) Favourite moment with Unity



d) Gemma - I’ve been on a night out with her!!

e) Vic - she is buzzing to be doing RENT!

l) My lovely mum. ‘RENT’ was the last show she saw before she passed away, so it has a very special place in my heart



c) Dan because he has a superhuman ability to remember stuff and know what’s going on... which I’m super grateful for but also really irritated by because he shows me up every single rehearsal!!!

j) I’d like to keep Mel as a pet... she’s totally loveable and very entertaining... never a dull moment

k) Memphis, Lion King, Ghost



e) Definitely Anna, saw her choking up in rehearsal!

h) Either Alex or Chloe Turner, I've seen her hungover a few times at rehearsals!

k) Jesus Christ Superstar, Chess, and Book of Mormon!



e) Dan

h) Chloe

j) Mel (down girl, heel... stay)



a) Anna, because she'd be buzzing and unable to stay still

d) Lily, because it’s always the quiet ones

g) Laura.  I'd make her sell me her voice


David Page

b) Elise

g) Lily and make her drive to every rehearsal

h) Chloe



c) Gavin - because he's 'The Man'!

h) Rhian

l) I'm dedicating this performance to my Mom. She'd have been so proud of me for taking a chance and doing something I love



b) Adam – he’s always struggled to contain those bum cheeks

j) David Page - he is just always munchable and wonderful to be around

m) Huddling like penguins to keep warm under the arch at the Digbeth photoshoot



g) I’d hypnotise George to sing me to sleep every night!

l) I dedicate my performance to a great friend who we tragically lost to AIDS in 2018. Rudi, this one’s for you! And of course my wonderful family, forever and always

m) My favourite moments with Unity are when we’re all onstage together! Feel Yo’self!



a) Alex because I’d end up weeing myself with his Pablo impression and if it’s a small room, that wouldn’t be very pleasant

d) Cy and David Gregory as a double act because they were bad ass ninjas putting the signs up around Stourbridge

h) Chloe yet she will still manage to smash the show and her vocal



f) Adam - his show is finished halfway through Act 2 - he’ll have his makeup off and clothes away before Finale A has even begun

j) Anna - I’ve never met anyone so bubbly and enthusiastic! She’d literally make you smile and have fun all the time

m) Watching George squirm whilst teaching Contact and desperately trying not to make any innuendos and failing miserably!



c) Elise - she’s so positive and full of the best energy!

d) David Page for his terrifying driving!

i) Maybe a leg for maximum impact, and Gavin



f) Gemma - every time we've been on a social, Gemma always seems to be the first there!!!

i) I'd probably pick my big toe and Alex! That's so weird! Me and Alex are very weird...

l) Gav, he's been the best friend for the last 3 months, and my grandad who passed away the start of this year. He'd seen every show I've ever performed in and I know he'll be watching in a different seat!



a) David Page because the man makes me constantly laugh so I’d probably wet myself and it would fall into the galaxy. A wee infused galaxy... gross!

g) Attiye - the girl can SANG! I’d just have her belt ‘Seasons of Love’ in my face over and over again!

j) Kitty – not just because her name is Kitty and that’s a pet but because she’s so blooming fantastic! She’s so fun to be around so I’d have hours of laughs!



a) Mel - she'd probably float off somewhere she shouldn't at the wrong time and I'd be left to fend for myself!

j) Vic - because she's so small and cute and always gives good cuddles. A loyal companion!

m) The first vocal rehearsal, when we sang ‘I'll Cover You Reprise’ all together for the first time. I got goose bumps and realised there and then we had something special!


David G

c) Attiye - she knows the whole script better than anyone and knowledge is key to being a great leader

d) If there was a law against talent then George

e) Dan - he’s going to miss that camera – it’s like a security blanket



b) Adam Partridge...that Santa outfit hides many sins!

c) Elise Evans...she always gives 110% and if she led the world like she leads her choir, we’re in safe hands!

j) Lily...she’s just so lovely!



f) Rhian – there’s always room for one more shot?

g) Justin – I’d make him teach me his accent

h) Dan, Alex, me, Rhian, Kitty, Chloe, eeerm most of us


b) Adam

d) George for sexual harassment of the clergy

f) Cy


j) Cy - he's always happy to see you

k) Legally Blonde, Cabaret, Beetlejuice. (And RENT obvs)

m) All the laughs at rehearsal!