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Rent 20 - Group photo

Welcome to one and all!

We are a new company with a wealth of talented individuals with many years' experience in numerous areas within the arts industry.

Unity was born with three main principles that will set us apart from more traditional societies:

  • To establish a committed team throughout the company that are enthusiastic, supportive and willing to get involved with all aspects of theatre production and not just the performance. Thus ensuring appreciation throughout;

  • To perform fringe, lesser-known shows that are not usually suitable for larger societies;

  • To produce a theatrical piece that lives up to our high standards and expectations of which we can all be proud.

We are looking to create a unique experience for all the associate members and the audiences for whom we will perform.  

We are a registered charity (No. 1184497) and are hoping that other local charities will be beneficiaries of our endeavours.

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